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Toledo District

Bordering the nation of Guatemala

Toledo is the southernmost district in the country. Bordering the nation of Guatemala both to the south and the west, it is one of the country’s least-visited areas. ​ Known for its spectacular natural beauty, Toledo District measures some 1,800 square miles (4,700 square kilometers) and is home to pristine jungles, beautiful rainforests, fertile lowlands, an extensive series of caves, and tropical islands. ​ Toledo District has a unique population, an excellent representation of the melting pot nature of Belizean society. In Toledo District, you can find Creoles, Spanish-speaking Mestizos, several communities of Mayans, German-speaking Mennonites, East Indian entrepreneurs, and a well-established community of ex-pats that began with American confederates who left the United States at the end of their country’s civil war. The district includes the towns of Monkey River Town and Toledo Settlement, and the villages of San Pedro Columbia, Silver Creek, and Blue Creek.

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