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Travelling To Belize

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Now’s the Time to Travel to Belize!

Belize was just awarded the safe travel award from the World Travel & Tourism Council. During these trying times, this is a remarkable recognition and further solidifies that we feel safe, and our clients do too! Did you think because 2020 was over that we wouldn’t discuss COVID-19 anymore? A lot has been going on, and it seems like the numbers aren’t slowing down. ​

In Belize, we have less than 250 active cases at the time of this newsletter.
We’re still required to wear masks while outside unless at the beach, pool, or while exercising or eating. As of Feb. 1, the adult curfew is now 10 p.m. Although there are time restrictions in the evening, there’s still a ton of stuff to do during the day in Belize!

After you spend the day swimming in the pool at your resort, reading a book in a hammock in the 82℉ (27℃) weather, or just chilling at your hotel, you can still enjoy a safe night under the stars. When the United States required a negative test result for returning to the U.S., Belize sprang into action and there are now testing sites throughout the entire country. ​Some resorts and AirBnBs, have the doctors coming 3 times a week and offer results within 30 minutes.

Maya Island Air in San Pedro has offered one of its terminal as a testing site. Testing sites are at the Maya Island Airport in Placencia and Dangriga. Others are continuing to pop up, so it’s a great time to book your travel to Belize!

Here Are Great Websites To Check For The Latest Updates:​

Belize Tourism Board
Belize Covid-19 Update

The cost of flights make it hard not to go enjoy some sun and fun. Can you believe a round-trip ticket from Belize to Las Vegas was only $307.00! Yes that cheap!!


The Rules To Visit Belize is The Same

Download the Health App
Negative PCR test 96 hours before arriving in Belize or a 48-hour negative rapid test.
Stay at a Gold Standard Hotel
Eat lobster before Feb. 15 when lobster season closes.
It’s amazing how 2021 has started out like 2020 did— maybe even better! You know what they say…the best time to buy in Belize was 20 years ago. The second-best time is TODAY. ​​COVID-19 has put a pause button on prices, and we’re not seeing them decrease unless there is a personal circumstance, but the good news is that things are moving.

Belize Travel Update

Take a look at this flying precaution flyer. As you will see, it is easier to travel with fewer restrictions. Remember, it’s important that we protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Visiting Belize is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It’s nice seeing tourists walking the streets, workers going back to work even though it is on a limited basis. Airfare is a bit slower till the Middle of November or December.

It looks like snow forecasts have started in parts of the United States and Canada, and we are a nice 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).